But I've been stuck making mashup's lately. Unfortunately, newground's upload rules won't let me put them here (I understand, it makes sense but....ugh....). I'll still be uploading original content though, and if you want to check out my mashups (if they haven't been taken down....) check em out on my Tuned:in soundcloud page! 

Shameless plug


Stay fresh guys ( God, I need to stop playing Splatoon...) 


Got a new project I've been working on.

2016-03-15 22:13:49 by Zodiax

Hi all. Man, I can't believe newgrounds has been around for so long. In fact, I can't believe I've been on newgrounds for so long. This is the only place (on the internet!) that has a record of all the music I've made over the years. It really showcases my growth as a composer/musician ranging from embarrassingly bad, to actually pretty good. Or so I'd like to think.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's supported me over the years, and all the people who support me now. Thank you for giving me your precious 2-4 minutes you could have used to make a sandwich to listen to my songs (which you may, or may not have enjoyed more than a sandwich). 

So let me now get to the point. I've started a new channel where I, Gray1 (he's cool and has been here forever too), and Lyve make music live. Our channel is called TuneD:in, where we answer questions and take your considerations into account while making our songs in an effort to help nurture and promote new musicians, and artists. We have a good time, and would like as many people to come join and be involved in the creation process. If you've ever had any questions regarding FL studio, or Reason (DAW's: Digital Audio Workstation) come join us and have your questions answered (live!). 

So come make music with us sometime. It'll be fun.


And again, thanks for Tuning in. 


Project Revive

2012-09-13 12:04:28 by Zodiax

I've been having a music slump lately.....I haven't been able to compose anything new for a while now. On the bright side, I've been writing a lot more lyrics. As I took a quick peek into my music portfolio I realized something. I have A LOT to work with. Although not all of the compositions are my best, I realized I can still use them to record something possibly fun and enjoyable.

So, I'm going to start digging in the recesses of my newgrounds account and bring some of my older compositions to life.

Project Revive baby! Wish me luck!

Who's Ever Played Arcanum?

2012-01-11 22:00:28 by Zodiax

I've been recruited to music and do voice acting for a project called OpenArcanum, a massive mod, and complete recreation of the original game engine to make it more modding friendly, better AI, and open source.

http://arcanum.game-alive.com/page/ind ex/

If you've never played the game, or have never heard of it, go google it.

Now, this is a rather large project, so basically I'm asking if anybody wants to give a hand at making Victorian style music for the project?

Go ahead and comment below if your interested.

If your an rpg nut and have never played Arcanum, go play it. Seriously, its one of the greatest CRPG's of all time.

i've been thinking....

2009-12-12 15:14:52 by Zodiax

anybody up for an audio recording collab? hip hop preferably, but hey, stretch my creative juices, pm me if your interested,

thanks, looking forward to it

i will love you forever and always

hey guys

2009-07-29 15:56:58 by Zodiax

im going to try and upload higher quality beats, and maybe do some recording, so check out some of my stuff sometime and drop a review


New songs

2009-07-04 00:17:37 by Zodiax

hey, im gonna try to do some more recording from now on, hopefully they turn out well, and hopefully if i have the time, just started college, so look forward to it